Published On: Tue, Oct 11th, 2011

While we were Distracted by the OWS Protests

The subject of the OWS protest is fascinating, but it’s 15 minutes of fame are just about up. While we were distracted, the president’s Stimulus 2.0 has been running into trouble in the Democrat Senate.

Harry Reid has been desperate to avoid a vote on it until he can cajole, blackmail and arm twist enough Democrats to vote for the president’s bill so as not to embarrass President Obama. Reid actually changed the rules of the Senate with a party line vote to avoid an early vote on the American Jobs Act. The Democrats in the Senate have been frantically revising the American Jobs Act to make it more palatable to their members, especially those whose seats are up in the election cycle of 2012.

The Senate has scheduled a vote on the American Jobs Act tonight. It will be a procedural vote to determine if the bill will move forward. It will not have the 60 votes to pass. The real question is – How many Democrat Senators up for re-election in Red States will be willing to fall on their swords for the President and vote for this bill?

The president has been crisscrossing the country in an attempt to sell his plan to the voters, but the problem he faces with this new $447 billion dollar plan is that his $862 billion Stimulus 1.0 was such a dismal failure. Who can forget the administration’s own graph touting the first stimulus as a solution to the problem of unemployment?

Soon after the Stimulus was passed in  February 2009, the unemployment rate began to climb till it reached it’s peak of 10.2% in October of that year. It has hovered near double digits ever since then.

Why is this president so insistent on throwing good money after bad? Whether it’s the failed stimulus or loan guarantees to failed “green” businesses like Solyndra, Barack Obama refuses to admit that they were mistakes. As with this second bite at the apple with this Stimulus 2.0, Obama’s administration rushed to make more loan guarantees despite the loss of $535 million with Solyndra. This is not just obstinacy, this is an almost pathological devotion to ideology.

The antics of the OWS crowd have been a distraction these past few days, especially the photographs. The Occupy Atlanta rally was actually scary, it was like something out of George Orwell’s 1984.  It would not have been a surprise if the crowd began chanting for Big Brother. But ultimately, it was all just a distraction.

We face a serious crisis in this nation and we are leaderless. We have a president who has given up all pretense of governing and has moved into full campaign mode. His every action is designed, not to solve the nation’s problems, but to assure his re-election. The fact that he has chosen battleground states to visit in an attempt to appear as if he’s doing something about joblessness bears that out.

The election of 2012 is just a little more than a year away. It is almost certain that the nations’s problems will worsen in that year. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that things can worsen to such an extent that actual violent clashes could break out on our streets. There is already so much desperation in the air as more and more people lose their homes, their life savings and their hope. Public union employees are becoming more militant in their opposition to any cut backs in their pay and benefits despite the suffering of their fellow workers in the private sector. Home foreclosure activity is at a record high. While the unemployment rate {U-3} remained at 9.1 percent for September, the unemployment rate {U-6} which includes the underemployed increased to 16.5%. There is little in the way of good news in anything about the economy.

There will be no political solutions to our problems until after the elections of 2012. There maybe some tinkering around the edges of the problems, but nothing serious will be done until the voters determine the direction they want the country to travel. They may choose to give the Republicans another shot at getting things right by voting to put them in control of the Senate and White House as well as the House, or they may just vote for continued gridlock by voting for divided government.

Divided government worked in the 1990s when Republicans took control of the Congress for the first time in forty years in 1995, . The Republicans and President Clinton reformed welfare, passed trade agreements and balanced the national budget. But Barack Hussein Obama is not William Jefferson Clinton. Clinton showed flexibility when he had to, but Barack Obama does not seem to have that capability. It becomes more and more obvious every day that the solution for joblessness and the lack of leadership in this nation is that Barack Obama lose his job.

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