Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2011

The Fruit of Obama’s Middle East Policies

Events at the UN this week are rushing towards an ugly confrontation over Palestine, and the campaign speech he delivered yesterday from the UN podium will not be enough to avoid the coming crack-up.  As the third year of Obama’s wrongheaded policy towards Israel hurtles towards its inevitable conclusion, no one should be surprised. Consider these points outlined by Dan Senor:

  • In July 2009, Obama hosted American Jewish leaders at the White House and told them that he had every intention of putting “daylight” between the United States and Israel, saying that “For eight years “under the Bush administration “there was no light between the United States and Israel, and nothing got accomplished.” Continuing with his lecture, the president told those assembled that Israel needed to “engage in serious self-reflection”, a statement that stunned those in attendance.
  • In his first address to the UN in September 2009, Obama announced that “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements,” and went on to attempt to draw a connection between living conditions in Gaza and rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, all without any unconditional criticism of Palestinian terrorism.

    WHERE'S ISRAEL? This is the logo displayed on the web page of the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations

  • In March 2010 while Vice President Biden was visiting Israel, a Jewish municipality announced plans for new construction in a part of Jerusalem which resulted in Biden’s hasty and very public departure and an unprecedented presidential attack against Israel that lasted several weeks. Secretary of State Clinton lambasted Prime Minister Netanyahu and told him that Israel had “harmed the bilateral relationship”, and the State Department then proudly shared the call’s details with the press. Also, the Israeli ambassador to the United States was brought into State for a severe scolding, the American Middle Eastern envoy canceled a scheduled visit, and the U.S. joined the Europeans in their stern condemnation of Israel.
  • Within minutes of Biden’s departure, the Palestinian Authority held a ceremony honoring the architect of one of the deadliest Palestinian terror attacks in history: the Coastal Road Massacre that killed 38, including 13 children and an American, but Obama had no comment. Later that same day, Obama’s political czar Robert Axelrod went on ABC and said that Israel’s plan to construct apartments in its own capital was an “insult” and an “affront” to the United States, and Robert Gibbs went on Fox News and accused Netanyahu of “weakening trust”.
  • Two weeks later, Netanyahu flew to Washington to try to ameliorate the situation but was snubbed at a White House meeting with Obama with no photo op or joint statement.  In fact, the president delivered a short, curt and discourteous message and left the Prime Minister on his own while he went off to have dinner in the family quarters and Netanyahu was ushered out a side door, a breathtaking breech of protocol.
  • In April of last year, Netanyahu felt compelled to decline participation in an Obama sponsored summit held in Washington on the subject of nuclear proliferation after it became clear that Egypt and Turkey intended to condemn the Israeli nuclear program, and that Obama would not intervene.
  • In March of this year Obama again felt compelled to urge Israel to self-reflect after inviting Jewish community leaders to the White House and instructing them to “search your souls” about Israel’s dedication to peace.
  • Finally, in May of this year, State announced that James Steinberg, the department’s No. 2 official, would visit “Israel, Jerusalem, and the West Bank”, clearly implying that Jerusalem, the Israeli capital is not part of Israel. Later that month, shortly before Netanyahu was due to travel to Washington, Obama delivered his Arab Spring speech with the demand that Israel return to its indefensible pre-1967 borders.

No president has ever been less of a friend to Israel or provided more support for the Palestinians. Only Obama acolytes will be deny that the man who spent 20 years in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American, anti-Semite church, and who viewed Rashid Khalidi as an objective voice on the Middle East is now scrambling to avoid the diplomatic disaster that is the inevitable result of those policies, and which exposes Israel to mortal danger.

The Israelis play hard ball, as well they should. They are surrounded by Islamo-Fascists bent on their total destruction, and all they ask for is that their neighbors recognize their right to exist.

The logo of the  Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations pictured above should leave no doubt that there has not been a change in the Palestinian position.

This is a crisis that has ripened only because Obama’s betrayal of our strongest Middle Eastern ally, and his reversal of more than 65 years of US policy without regard to consequence.
 The Arab Spring is poised to become a hellish Middle East Autumn. 

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