Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2011

The Death of Liberalism

Is Occupy Wall Street the final gasp of radical liberalism in the United States? Are these protests the final spasms of a dying creed? It would appear more so every day. What began with such high minded intensity on September 17th, 2011 has degenerated into farce. The outposts of radical liberalism that now occupy the downtown areas of several cities are havens for addicts, drunks, sexual perverts and the professional homeless. Although it is the policy of the protest leaders to keep problems in house rather than report them to the authorities, the stories of violence, theft, and sexual abuse of women are leaking to the press.

Politicians who originally voiced support for the protests at Zuccotti Park are now pleading that the mayor of New York do something to control the mayhem which is destroying the community. These politicians have come to the realization that it is the residents and business people in their districts, and not the dregs of humanity who washed up in Zuccotti Park, who will be voting in the next election. It is unlikely that the 21 restaurant workers who have lost their employment because of the protests will be supporting politicians aligned with the protesters.

National leaders of the Democrat party will come to regret their association with the mobs that occupy America’s cities as the violence increases and the protesters reveal more of their radical ideology. Republicans will be more than happy to tie the Occupy Wall Street movement around the necks of Democrat office holders, particularly Barack Obama. It is as if the Democrats were so desperate for a Tea Party of their own that they hooked up with the first bunch of vagabonds who came along mouthing the tenets of class warfare of which liberals are so fond. It is likely that that decision will come back to haunt them in a big way.

For some reason, the Occupy Oakland protest is the epicenter of the violence attached to the OWS movement. There has been violence and arrests in other cities but Oakland seems to have attracted more than it’s share. It is perhaps the fecklessness of the city authorities which invites the violence.  However, it is not only the authorities who demonstrate fecklessness in the face of mob rule in Oakland. Business people are just as capable of being gutless.

Take the management of the Men’s Warehouse in Oakland, they boldly posted support of the Oakland mob’s position and had their windows broken for their pains. In the case of Whole Foods in Oakland a rumor that the management would punish workers for attending the protests brought destruction and vandalism despite the store management’s quick denials of the rumors and their online approval for workers to attend. You would have thought that people had learned from the lessons of history that appeasement never works.

There is no good news coming out of the OWS movement for Democrats. These people are now being seen for what they are, which is anarchists bent on destroying the system for the sake of destruction. They have nothing constructive to add to the national dialogue. Democrat office holders who leapt on board this moving train wreck will rue the day they decided to get involved. They will now be associated with the anti-semitism, avowed socialism and even communism of the protesters as well as the violence, sex abuse, and intimidation tactics associated with OWS. With the economy in the dismal state that it is, with high unemployment and with the huge deficits which are tearing the country down, the last thing that Democrats need is their base getting in the nation’s face with all their snarling thuggery.

Barack Hussein Obama and his policies have already made liberalism as unattractive as it has ever been. Barack Obama is a genial man with a generally pleasant manner which puts a nice face on liberal ineptitude, but the snarling faces of the Occupy Wall Street mobs present a whole different perspective. It is one that the American people do not like, nor one that they will tolerate.

Americans have been very tolerant of Barack Obama. They do not like his policies but they generally like the man as a person if not as a president, but by associating himself with the thugs occupying America’s cities Barack Obama is endangering what little standing he has remaining in the hearts and minds of the American people. The best thing that Barack Obama could do for America, for himself and for his party is to tell these people to just go home. Do not linger, do not raise your voices, just pack up all your junk and go home. It is unlikely that they would do so, but at least it would separate the White House from any future outrages that they will commit.

The dreams of a liberal utopia are dying. The voters gave the left complete power in Washington DC in 2008. They held that power for two years and their record was one of EPIC FAIL. The voters then chose to make a change in 2010 and they voted Democrats out in droves, but the process is not yet complete. It will take another election in 2012 to make the changes necessary to repair the damage inflicted on the nation by two years of unfettered liberalism. The elections of 2012 are shaping up to be a tough row to hoe for Democrats. The last thing they need is mobs in the streets making life even more difficult for the long suffering American voters.


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- Paul Bianco, retired from a career in sales, now spends his spare time as a gadfly on the many political blogs. Paul says he is just going through a phase, but that phase seems to have lasted two decades. Paul's conservative political philosophy was formed well before conservative talk radio and Fox News came along. Paul remembers the days when conservatives like William F Buckley Jr were voices in the wilderness "standing athwart history, yelling stop!" From time to time Paul contributes some of the insights he has gained from observing politics for so many years, and hopes that readers will be entertained and perhaps even enlightened.