Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2011

Lara Stone Could Change Your Mind About Fur

Let’s face it: fur has gotten a rap over the last few decades. The PETA people hate it, and scream and yell and throw buckets of fake blood whenever they come upon it.

It seems to us that it suits Lara Stone quite nicely.

The Dutch beauty peeled off for a beach-front GQ photo shoot and used the elegant garments for emphasis.

Ms. Stone was born in 1978 in the small Dutch town of Mierlo to a Dutch mother and a British father. First discovered in the Paris Metro when she was 12, she took part in the Elite Model Look competition in 1999 when she was just 15, and despite not winning the competition, Lara was offered a contract with the prestigious agency. The following year, she was sent away to the fashion capitol of Paris by her mother after getting kicked

out of high school. Far from becoming an overnight sensation, Lara Stone’s luck finally turned around in 2006, when the IMG Agency signed her. Not long after that, she was given the opening slot at Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2006 haute couture show, and she hasn’t looked back since.

The supermodel is the new face and bodyof Calvin Klein’s Naked Glamour campaign, and is being touted for a role in the upcoming Austin Powers IV movie.

Somehow, we’re not sure the furs would object.

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