Published On: Wed, Feb 29th, 2012

Don’t Believe the Hollywood Spin, Han Shot First.

The latest liberal – conservative controversy revolves around Han Solo’s shooting bounty hunter Greedo at the Mos Eisley Cantina in the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. In the original movie, Greedo has the drop on Han, but as all villains do in the movies, he decides to chat. That gives Han Solo the opportunity to draw his blaster under the table and promptly shoot the bounty hunter.

In the 1997 re-release of the movie, George Lucas altered the scene to make it appear as if Greedo shot first. He originally explained this by saying he wanted it to be clear that Han had no choice in the killing of the bounty hunter. However, in interviews Lucas has given this year, he now claims that Han always shot second.

So, why this revisionist history on the part of George Lucas? I suspect that it has to do with George Lucas’s¬†definition of a hero¬†and the liberal view on guns. Why else would Lucas change the scene in which Han Solo very reasonably shoots a character who is holding a gun on him with the intention of putting out his lights? Any other action by Han Solo would have been criminally stupid. Instead, George Lucas wants us to believe that a professional bounty hunter would shoot first at our hero from across a small table and miss the shot. That is carrying liberal ideology a bit too far.

This controversy brings to mind the old westerns made in Hollywood where the hero engages in a gun fight with the villain who empties his weapon attempting to shoot and kill the good guy. The bad guy than throws his gun away thus prompting our hero to also throw his perfectly useful gun away to confront the villain mano a mano. That has to be the very definition of terminally stupid.

It is bad enough that Hollywood liberals foist their politics on us by supporting leftist causes that would make most sane people gag or by supporting extreme left political figures like Barack Obama with their power and huge hordes of money, now they want to interfere with our fictional heroes by making them appear to be wimps who haven’t got the gumption to act when it is required.

Should John Wayne’s character in The Searchers have warned the men who had come to kill and rob him by asking them throw up their hands before he shot them? Should Bruce Willis’s character in Die Hard have read the terrorists their rights before dispatching them? No one with a brain can possibly believe that they should have. Just as we don’t believe that the Navy Seals of Seal Team Six should have waited for Osama bin Laden to fire the first shot before punching his ticket.

We have to put up with liberals in politics, but we shouldn’t have to deal with their attempts to rewrite the history of our fictional heroes. Han Solo represents so many real world heroes who, however flawed they may have been, acted with true heroism when it was needed. Han Solo was not a liberal hero complying with all the bureaucratic regulations of the society in which he lived. In fact, Solo took quite a bit of pleasure out of violating regulations. He was, after all, a smuggler.

Don’t let them fool you. No matter what they claim now, it was always Han Solo who shot first and thank heavens that he did. How could the galaxy have been saved without him?



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