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If you’re passionate and insightful on an issue, and would like to mix it up with the growing number of readers These New Times attracts each day, we’d love to have you as a contributor.

There are two ways you can participate.  If you’d like to become a regular contributor, we can create an author profile page for you, and give you access to our back-end so you can post whenever you want.  We’re looking for people with an easy sense of style to write about issues and subjects on which they have a  certain expertise.

Interested?  If you’d like to be considered just send a link to your blog or other written work, along with a brief bio to

We’ve also started using the “Hey Publisher” software to streamline submission of posts.

You’ll find a box below to fill in your username and password. Please use the same username as the one you have here at These New Times, although the password can be anything you wish….it doesn’t have to match the password you use on this site.  It’s a pretty easy process.

After you log in, just enter the title of your post, along with the type of article it is, and then link to a TXT, RTF, or DOC file of your post. You can use Word, notepad, wordpad or any other text editor to write your post as long it is saved in one of the listed file formats.

Then just click submit post and you’re done.

We look forward to hearing from you, and you’ll hear from us after we’ve read your submission!


  • You may have noticed that we have a generally conservative, or at least libertarian take on most issues, but we will gladly consider other points of view if it helps further the conversation.
  • Content may be edited slightly and formatting may be edited to ensure it matches our style guidelines.
  • If you’d like to post something that is outside the realm of our usual subject matter, such as fiction, book reviews or almost anything else, give it a shot. Maybe you’ll help lead us to an entirely new area of interest.
  • No spam please, and no short posts or excerpts that pretty only point to your post on a different site.
  • Maximum of two posts per day per reader.