Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2011

City Leaders Allow Occupy Movement to become “Man Made Disaster”

Isn’t it time we shattered the fun house mirror, the media looking glass of distortion? Can we be honest now?

Occupy Wall Street has degenerated into a movement of losers, hipsters, homeless, hustlers, druggies and deviates, and has spread coast to coast claiming to represent 99% of American society. Bad as it is under The Reign of Barack, the public increasingly rejects that claim.

In fact, whatever the motivation of some of the idealists who joined the festival and late summer camp out at Zuccotti park and elsewhere, OWS had devolved into a dangerous waste of time and municipal resources at a time when there is no money to spare on civic frivolity. It need not be recounted here that like an ugly rash, the “movement” had spread to hundreds of cities or even “over 1,000 countries” as Diane Sawyer claimed. It is not even necessary to mention that there have been thousands of arrests, dozens of sexual assaults and a handful of deaths. That squalor has been well documented.

Sure, sure, for many, OWS expressed a legitimate dissatisfaction with a broken system. Who isn’t mad at the banks and the bailouts and the way the system was gamed?

What should be mentioned is the incredible cowardice, pandering and incompetence of the political class on the local level. We have come to expect ineffectiveness from the major league politicos in Washington, but one would hope that the farm teams in the cities and states would have leaders made of sterner stuff.

Last month, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity that had he still been mayor, he would have told the OWS protesters, “You are not allowed to sleep on the streets.”

“I had a rule and I enforced it as best I could and pretty effectively. The rule was: You’re not allowed to sleep on the streets. Sorry, not allowed to sleep on the streets. Streets are not for sleeping.”

Sleeping on the streets is a dysfunctional act. It harms the person, it harms society, it leads to unsanitary conditions that affect public health,” added Giuliani. “The first one who decided to sleep there should have been removed and then the second one, and the third one, and the fourth one and the fifth one.”

“They can protest during the daytime if they want to, but if you want to stay over in New York City overnight, you got to rent a room, and if you’re homeless we got plenty of shelters for you,” said Giuliani.

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Apparently, there is a shortage of clear thinking, courage and just plain balls in the city halls across America.  Giuliani’s successor, the pusillanimous Michael Bloomberg will not be deterred from his mission to protect New Yorker’s from second hand smoke, trans-fat and salt, but apparently had neither the care or foresight to see that OWS would disrupt public order and damage local businesses. What’s worse is that Bloomberg knows it.

In a statement on November 2nd, Mikey was quoted as saying that “This isn’t an occupation of Wall Street, it’s an occupation of a growing, vibrant residential neighborhood in lower Manhattan,” Bloomberg said. “It’s really hurting small businesses and families.”

So.  After six weeks of fester, hizzoner recognized the problem and acted swiftly to drain the swamps, right?

Wrong. The result of that little twinge of mayoral doubt was that drumming hours were cut back to just four hours a day.

Where was the ACLU? Surely the first amendment extends to allowing the banging away on drums, garbage cans and whatever is at hand for all hours of the day and night, while breeding a rich stew of urine, feces and used condoms in a public space.

Other cities were just as bad. In late October, the mindless madame mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan ordered police to clear the encampments she’d allowed there after stating that “it was pretty clear that there was escalating violence”, but the following day changed her mind and invited the rabble back in. Last Thursday, one protester shot another to death.

This morning we see that Bloomberg finally decided to man up and follow the lead of such other cities as Oakland, Salt Lake City and Portland Oregon. Over 1,000 of New York’s finest descended on the festival site at 1:00 am to clean and clear the space. Portland required 70 dump trucks to clean the detritus: who knows what it will take to return the environment back to it’s former state in downtown New York, if Bloomberg keeps up his resolve.

Don’t worry though: whether the funsters are allowed back to their shanty towns or not, they plan a big party to celebrate their two month anniversary this coming Thursday, at least in New York. Billed as an International Day of Action to Shut Down Wall Street, the posters advertising this thrilling return to those glorius days of yester-year describe the event as a mass, non violent action, but some of those who have promised to shut down the stock exchange that day may have other ideas. We’ll see if Bloomberg’s spine stays straight enough to keep this contained.

The bottom line on all this is that in hundreds of cities across the country, elected leaders (aided by their weasel comrades in the main stream media) have created what (Big Sis) Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is fond of calling a “man made disaster”. Of course, that’s the term she substituted for”terrorism”,  the insensitive phrase used by the last administration.

The sophomoric “occupy” movement has already cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars in law enforcement costs, property destruction and damage to businesses, some of which will never recover. Although it was a bad move politically, it’s been aided by the likes of calculating politicians like Obama and Pelosi, and delusional academics like the asshat Jeffrey Sachs, who sees OWS as a glorious “New Progressive Movement”.

In fact, it’s now clear to all that the miscreants who have taken a sabbatical from their career path (!) to make the revolution and show the rest of us “what democracy looks like” are not the 99% at all. In fact, they are not even the 1%. In a country of 300 million, they are more like 1/10th of 1%, but their influence extends far beyond their number.

If your town has an occupy camp out, just remember that the public assets used to patrol, police and eventually shut down the little party are being paid by your tax dollars. Go out of your way to thank your own elected officials, and by all means, remember their service next time they stand for election.

NYC cops start the Zuccotti Park Clean up in the middle of the night. Is this what they signed up for? Is this how tax dollars should be spent?

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