Published On: Sat, Dec 17th, 2011

Catrinel Menghia and the Abarth are Smoking Hot

Like hot cars?  How about hot models? Fiat gives you both.

To create buzz over the March 2012 release of the new Fiat 500 Abarth, the Italian automaker (which now has a controlling interest in Chrysler) announced the car at the LA Auto Show last month and launched the video her online at the same time.  The combination of the girl and the car quickly caused it to go viral, with well over 2.6 million views to date, and the humorous combination has universal appeal to all but the most bitter femi-nazis.

The girl in the video is smoking hot too. Catrinel Menghia is a 26 year old Romanian who was discovered at the age of 16 on the street by a local agent and six months later, her parents allowed her to move to Bucharest and start her modeling career. Since then, she has done photo shoots for several major fashion houses and now lives in Milan where she has become the face of Giorgio Armani.

You’ll have to wait until March to see the Abarth, and you’ll have to go to Milan to meet Catrinel.  Of course, if you just can’t wait for the car, you can go drive the domesticated Fiat 500, with just 101 hp, instead of the Abarth’s turbo charged 160. They’re at Fiat Salons nationwide right now. If you can’t get to Milan, you could always go to Lincoln, Nebraska. That’s where Catrinel’s 19 year old sister Lorena attends college and is making a name for herself in Track and Field.

See?  Who said globalization was a bad thing?

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