Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2012

Bring On the Greek Columns

And so it begins.

After a year of maneuvering, politicking, embarrassing gaffes, explanations, evasions, and justifications by the GOP candidates, the Republican voters will finally begin to get their say. The process of picking Barack H Obama’s possible replacement began last night.

Things are much different today than they were four years ago in Iowa. Back then, there was talk of hope and change and a new form of politics which was to be post-partisan and post-racial. Today, we all know that talk was just a pipe dream sold to the voters by hard eyed political ops with their own agenda in mind.

This presidential election will be about stark realities. It will be about the decline of America being presided over by the most leftist president in our history. It will be about deficits and debt so enormous that we may never be able to get out from under it. It will also be about a much more dangerous world where truly insane people may get their hands on a nuke.

The Audacity of Barack

The Audacity of Barack: "The One" accepts the party nomination in Denver, 2008

All this can not be blamed solely on Barack Obama, but we can blame him for the three years of inaction to address these issues. Obama spent all his political capital in 2009 and 2010 to produce a $862 billion political slush fund that he laughingly described as stimulus and then proceeded to force through a government takeover of health care which has become known as the much despised ObamaCare. These two initiatives caused a revolt among the voters in the 2010 midterms that turned into a bloodbath for Democrats at all levels of government. What was not addressed in Barack Obama’s first two years, when he had complete control of Congress, was joblessness in the private sector, a stagnating business climate caused by the uncertainty created by Obama’s own policies and the real threat of a nuclear armed Iran.

The process of selecting an opponent to face Barack Obama this fall has been a messy one. With the 24 hour cable news cycle it is impossible for the voters to miss the sausage making aspect of presidential campaigns. This particular campaign has had more ups and downs than the roller coaster at Coney Island. It seems that almost every candidate was given the opportunity to soar only to crash back to the ground. Today, the Iowa voters will weigh in with their opinions on who should continue on in the process.

Although the GOP primary season has had it’s harsh moments, it will seem like Sunday school when the general election campaign begins and the Democrat long knives come out. It has been said by so called experts that Barack Obama will raise a billion dollars for his campaign. He will have no Democrat opposition, so all of that money can go into attacking his GOP opponent. And attack he will, because there is no sense wasting money trying to defend his own record which is so dismal that it makes Jimmy Carter seem like a true leader and statesman.

Gone will be any pretense of post partisanship and also gone will be the myth of a post racial president as the tried and true Democrat tactic of playing the race card will demonstrated as never before. The eventual GOP candidate had better have developed some pretty thick skin by the time this ball opens.

The lofty themes of the 2008 campaign will not be in evidence in 2012. The blame Bush excuse has long passed it’s shelf life, so all that the Obama campaign will have going for it is the cash and the support of willing accomplices in the main stream media to so demonize the Republican candidate that even his or her mother wouldn’t vote for him or her. Expect to hear the terms extreme policies and tax cuts for the rich so often that your ears might bleed.

In a normal election year Barack H Obama’s chances for re-election would be grim, but this is not a normal year. There is much fear in the land about the future and in order for a Republican to defeat Obama, he or she must project a calm confidence and an ability to make the changes required to reverse the nations current course. The GOP candidate must also be capable of withstanding the inevitable onslaught which will greet him or her as soon as the nomination has been sewed up.

So, hang on to your hats, folks. The roller coaster ride begins in Iowa and it will not end until the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. On that day, the American voter will choose the direction that the nation is to travel. Will they choose more of the same or will they decide that a course change is required?

Will they look back to that bright young man who accepted his party’s nomination before the Greek columns at Invesco Field in Denver, CO with nostalgia and fondness or will they focus on his failures of the last three years? That, my friends, is the question. And the answer to that question will determine our future as a nation.

The Roller Coaster Ride Begins

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