Published On: Fri, Jun 6th, 2014

The Big Sellout – Andrew Cuomo and the WFP

Andrew Cuomo has jettisoned any pretensions of moderation by accepting the endorsement of the Working Families’ Party. The WFP is a group of far-left ideologues bankrolled by the unions, particularly the public employee unions. Cuomo went hat-in-hand to the WFP to gain their endorsement by agreeing to push for their favorite proposals such as: publicly-funded political campaigns, abandoning his alliance with Republicans in the State Senate,  and a slate of progressive legislation, including an increase in the minimum wage, the Womens’ Equality Act and the Dream Act.”

The real Andrew Cuomo has revealed himself to be a left-wing ideologue who really meant it when he told conservatives and pro-lifers to get out of New York State. On a public radio station, Gov Cuomo declared that  “extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault—weapon, anti-gay…have no place in the State of New York”.  That pretty much includes most Catholics in New York State including Cardinal Dolan. A man with such a totalitarian attitude belongs in the Working Families’ Party. It suits Cuomo right down to the ground.

Andrew Cuomo’s winning gubernatorial campaign was highlighted by Cuomo’s supposed pragmatism. He even claimed that New Yorkers were taxed too much and regulated too much. This is from the Governors own website: Governor Cuomo’s first priority was getting New York’s economy working again to create jobs.  His economic strategy began with a simple premise: New York has no future as the tax capital of the nation. To grow the economy we needed to reduce taxes. Lower taxes meant more economic growth, which would lead to more revenue for targeted, job-creating investments. New York’s taxes were too high because government was spending too much. So the first step was a return to fiscal responsibility and to reduce spending.”

So why did he raise taxes? In 2011, Cuomo caved to left-wingers in his own party and raised taxes on the allegedly wealthy. The results of this liberal policy are that businesses and people of means are fleeing New York State. The income loss for the state is $45.6 billion, the Tax Foundation says. These people are fleeing to low tax states with a much more business friendly climate. “

“… New York ranked second among the states for the highest state and local tax burden in 2009.  The Empire State was ranked highest for tax burden every year from 1977 until 2006, except in 1984 when it was ranked second. New York State has a progressive personal income tax rate ranging from 6.45 percent to 8.82 percent for those earning over $2 million. Sales varies by county, and is between seven and eight percent. 

In Manhattan, the sales tax is 8.875 percent. According to the Retirement Living Center, which examines tax burdens by state for those nearing retirement, New York also levies a gasoline tax at 49.0 cents per gallon and a cigarette tax of $4.35 per pack, along with an additional $1.50 per pack in New York City. New York is also one of 17 states plus the District of Columbia that collects an estate tax, with a $1 million exemption and a progressive rate from 0.8 percent to 16 percent.

In 2007, New York State collected $1.1 billion from its estate and gift taxes, the highest of any of the states, according to the Tax Foundation. These tax policies drive the productive segment of the population to seek relief in other states.”

Despite this onerous tax burden on the state Andrew Cuomo has chosen to join with the party that wants even more taxes and more spending, particularly spending that benefits the bosses of the public employee unions that fund the Working Families’ Party.

In 2011, Bill de Blasio (aka Warren Wilhelm Jr.) succeeded in winning the mayoralty in NYC. De Blasio won as the most leftist of all the Democrat candidates with no small help from the Working Families’ Party. Andrew Cuomo attempted to set himself apart from the Sandinista loving de Blasio by supporting charter schools and opposing de Blasio’s plan to raise taxes even higher in New York City.

At first, it appeared that Cuomo held all the cards in the squabble but then Cuomo realized that he could lose the endorsement of the WFP and tens of thousands of votes in the upcoming gubernatorial election. So, de Blasio became the deal maker for Andrew Cuomo and ensured, with the help of the union bosses that bankroll the WFP, that the rancorous extreme left members of the party did not bolt and endorse another candidate.

Not everyone was happy with the shotgun marriage between Gov Cuomo and the WFP. The Working Families’ Party deadenders hate Cuomo and believe that he is a liar and a reactionary. Cuomo can not be happy to have had to dip a knee to Mayor de Blasio to keep him from killing the deal.

One person who was happy with the outcome was Rob Astorino who will oppose Andrew Cuomo in November. He said of the match that; 

“The New York City political circus will now be coming to the rest of the state thanks to Andrew Cuomo, and that will definitely be a central theme in my campaign,’’ said Astorino, the Westchester County executive.

“The radicals that Cuomo is now in bed with are the greatest threat we have in New York right now,’’ Astorino continued.

“The Working Families Party is hellbent on driving up taxes and destroying businesses and the middle class. That’s the deal Andrew Cuomo has cut to try to save his political life.’’

So the places are set and all that remains to be seen is if the New York State voters wish to turn the entire state into the the extreme leftist conclave that New York City has become or reverse course and try something new under Rob Astorino.

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