Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2011

Apple Is Not Missing It’s Core.

Apple is more then one man: Regarded as an integral figure in the company’s rise to unparalleled success over the last 10 years, and a pop culture icon  Steve Jobs’ persistent health issues have raised concerns over the fate of the company numerous times. Now with Jobs stepping down, many consider it to be a turning point for the company. Can Apple hold onto the momentum Jobs is commonly believed to be responsible for, and maintain its position as one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturer?

Skeptics may say otherwise, but Apple is certain to survive and thrive long after Steve Jobs’ departure. The public may see Apple as an organization centered squarely on Steve Jobs, but in reality, Jobs is just the centerpiece of a much larger executive structure that can also be attributed for the company’s whirlwind success.

Naturally, new CEO and former COO, Tim Cook, is at the top of the list. Cook has been with Apple since 1998, when the company had just begun to emerge from a nearly decade-long slump in sales. During his 13-year career at Apple, Cook had helmed the company’s Mac division, and in 2007, was named COO.

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, also remains, and has been an essential part of the company’s success. Ive was hired by Jobs in 1996, and was the principal designer of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and most of Apple’s modern Mac products, including the unibody Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air. Ive holds over 300 design patents and has been honored numerous awards from multiple universities.

News False: They’re Too Big to Fail: There is no doubt the Stock Markets will punish Apple today, for the news last night. However, as one of the nation’s most profitable companies, Apple has enough capital to weather any storm brought about by Steve Jobs’ departure. Apple recently became the most profitable company in the United States, and currently has more operating capital per month then the US Government. A couple of stock points won’t hurt.

Most importantly, the company is so large and so sophisticated, that global operations require a workforce of thousands of people the loss of one man, even one as influential as Steve Jobs won’t be enough to break it.

He is just stepping down: Steve is Down, But Not Out: Though Jobs will no longer serve as the company’s CEO, he will still be involved with the company as Chairman of the Board. He may not be involved with day-to-day operations of the company, but he will be involved in larger strategic decisions, and, undoubtedly, the evolution of new products.

It will be an undoubtedly sad day when Steve succumbs to his several yearlong illnesses. Despite the media treating his resignation as if it has already happened. While the tech industry will have then lost one of its greatest innovators, Apple will, even then, continue to thrive. Apple as stated is more then one man. Steve is not the core of the Apple, but rather one of the many branches that grows a much larger tree. While he has a great sense of vision,  he has left a solid team in place to make sure Apple continues to innovate for the next several years.

Also it would not be entirely out of the question for Steve Jobs to surprise everyone in October at the Iphone 5 press conference. Only time will tell how involved he will be, but make no mistake you haven’t seen the last of the black turtle neck.

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