Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2011

Maybe you should spend some time in the DR with Zoe Saldana

So, tough as the magazine business is, apparently it still offers some perks. GQ got cozy with Zoe Saldana in their current issue, and now you understand why people become photographers.

The 33 year old actress who spent part of her childhood in the Dominican Republic, says that’s where she learned to climb mango trees and gut fresh-caught fish.

In Saldana’s next movie, Colombiana she plays Cataleya Restrepo, a lethal but sexy hit woman.  GQ explains:

For the film—in which her character avenges her parents’ murders with machine guns, explosives, and, memorably, a toothbrush—she underwent combat training with the stuntman who turned Matt Damon into Jason Bourne. This was fresh off her turn as a mercenary in The Losers and before that as a Pandoran in Avatar, for which she mastered archery and Wushu. All of which has made her the ass-kickingest female star since Angelina Jolie. Like Jolie, Saldana’s physicality— all fluid angles and long lines—is part of what makes her so much fun to watch; before the bad guys are finished staring, they’re already dead.

Fortunately,  no photographers were injured in the photo shoot.

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