Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2012

Barack Obama Still Doesn’t Like Us

Last November, this web site published an article titled Why Doesn’t Barack Obama Like Us?  Now here we are today, just eight months from the election and it appears the Barack Obama still doesn’t have much use for us. In fact, it seems that his goal is to have less of us in the future. Why else would he make “free” distribution of birth control his highest priority?

Despite the fact that unemployment remains above 8%, (A percentage of unemployment that the Obama administration claimed we would never reach if we only passed his stimulus bill back in 2009) and although the Obama Misery Index (Inflation + Unemployment) is at a higher level than under Jimmy Carter, and while virtually every “Green Jobs” boondoggle, like the Fisker Karma in which Barack Obama has invested taxpayer dollars, has collapsed, the President’s only remedy seems to be to give the American people “free” birth control.

It gives one pause to think that a President of the United States just wants  less Americans. With whom does he intend to replace us? Does he have a source of people with whom he would prefer to deal? Does he want people more attuned to his ideas?  It is certainly a puzzle.

One wonders why Barack Obama is even bothering to try to get himself reelected. As we have seen, he believes the American people to be unambitious, unimaginative, unwilling, soft and lazy. It is a surprise that he wishes to remain in this country, let alone run again for President. He considers us to be no more exceptional than Brits or Greeks. Considering the financial situation that Greece is suffering, that is quite a damning commentary on the  character of Americans.

It is well known that Barack Obama threatened to transform America. Well, he has had more than 3 years to do so and what has he wrought? America is more polarized than in any time in our history. Political dialogue is more vicious now than ever before. Most Americans despise Barack Obama’s signature program and want it repealed. An unbelievable 72% of the American people, including 56% of Democrats, believe that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. This type of transformation we do not need.

And we certainly did not need an assault on our religious freedom as a part of that very same unconstitutional health care “reform” act. This whole birth control issue came up out of the blue. George Stephanopoulos got it rolling for the White House in the Republican debate in New Hampshire on January 7th. At the time, everyone thought that George had taken leave of his senses, but there was obviously a method to his madness. In a seemingly well coordinated White House initiative, birth control suddenly become the topic du jour of every liberal media outlet.

It was great for the White House and their willing accomplices in the main stream media. Instead of questions about high gas prices, $5 trillion in new debt, and unemployment above 8% for 3 straight years, the airwaves and newspaper columns were filled with hard luck stories about the “dire” need for condoms and birth control pills that were being denied by Republicans.

It was a perfect plan and Republicans fell for it. Instead of taking on Obama and his assault on the 1st Amendment’s free exercise clause, Republicans were suckered into debating the minutia surrounding the President’s call for “free” birth control for all. Republicans are always falling into these traps. They resemble nothing more than Charlie Brown believing that Lucy will not pull the ball away again as he attempts to kick it. They just seem to never learn. Republicans are constantly stuck in the position of having to be the stuffy, old uncle who has to remind us that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Democrats never have that problem because they are forever giving us “free” things. Our mothers warned us about such people and their offers of free candy, but we never listen.

And that brings us back to Barack Obama and his obvious dislike for us. He just can’t seem to hide his disdain. He knows the American people want the Keystone XL pipeline built, so he cancels it. He dismisses the concerns of religious people with a transparent lie that insurance companies will be paying for birth control and not their church organizations. Obama tells AIPAC one thing in a speech to shore up the Jewish vote and than rescinds it in a press conference the next day. He really must think that we are all dunces and won’t notice his long record of contradictions.

The public is not stupid. They are not happy with Obama either. The latest Washington Post-ABC poll has the President’s “strongly disapprove” ratings at the highest level that they have ever been. His overall rating is underwater with 46% approving his performance while 50% disapprove. The numbers get even worse when the question is on the economy or gas prices.

Public disapproval of President Obama’s handling of the economy is again on the rise.

All in all, it would seem that Americans are coming to dislike President Obama about as much as he dislikes them. He doesn’t approve of us and most of us do not approve him. All the more reason to end this dysfunctional relationship come November 2012.


About the Author

- Paul Bianco, retired from a career in sales, now spends his spare time as a gadfly on the many political blogs. Paul says he is just going through a phase, but that phase seems to have lasted two decades. Paul's conservative political philosophy was formed well before conservative talk radio and Fox News came along. Paul remembers the days when conservatives like William F Buckley Jr were voices in the wilderness "standing athwart history, yelling stop!" From time to time Paul contributes some of the insights he has gained from observing politics for so many years, and hopes that readers will be entertained and perhaps even enlightened.

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  1. Corey says:

    Fun article, thanks!

    In all seriousness. As much as I despise Romney this article made it pretty clear that Santorum will not beat Obama in November. The liberals laid out this trap and Rick Santuckabee couldn’t help himself and fell into over and over and over again. You think the contraceptive issue was bad, wait until we are in Sept./Oct. and Rick keeps falling into the democrats trap on other issues as well.

    Contrary to Social Conservative beliefs, but most Americans like the idea of birth control. And if the left was successful in painting the GOP as over zealous control freaks heckbent on legislating women’s body’s, then Obama will win a second term, and by a landslide.

    Rick Santorum is also the least fiscally conservative candidate in the race. This is a huge problem. The election is going to be strictly about the economy, and looks like the social conservatives seem to be committing electoral suicide by keeping the least fiscally conservative candidate alive in an election that will hinge on the economy. We are screwed if he is the nominee… I used to say that about Romney because I didn’t think Santuckabee had a prayer but now he might actually be the nominee… scary times.

    Romney will lose to Obama by a squeaker close election. Santuckabee will lose in a landslide.. The only two candidates that could beat Obama in this environment would be Paul and Gingrich, as their strong suits are the economy and fiscal issues.

    Maybe if nobody has a majority of delegates by the convention we can get a new candidate drafted, like Paul Ryan, or some other fiscally conservative candidate, because thats what its going to take to beat Obama in November, not an overly zealous religious nut (Santuckabee) or a liberal republican (Romney)

  2. LeChat says:

    Whenever I see that Obama has any approval rating at all, I find myself asking, “Who ARE these people?

  3. Robbins Mitchell says:

    Well,they don’t call the boy Barokeydoke Hubris Obozo for nothing

    • No one calls him that except ignorant fools.

      • Hank Reardon says:

        right… those in the know just think of him as a dangerous, unamerican radical…

        • “In the know” must mean hatefilled, foaming and bigoted to you.

          • Corey says:

            What is so bigoted about disagreeing with a marxist?

            marxism is the antithesis to liberty. Disagreeing with Obama because he is at war with individualism isn’t bigoted, its smart if you value liberty.

            I find it strange that a single American could possibly support the demise of their own liberty. Did you really think the healthcare bill was designed to make healthcare more affordable? By all evidence to date, it has made insurance far more expensive…. So if making healthcare more affordable was an obvious lie to get the dumb masses who voted for these criminals to fall in line and support this legislation, then what was the real purpose of the legislation..

            Vladimir Lenin stated once if you control how medical services are applied, you can have the population eating out of your hand….. This bill sole purpose was to give more control to the government, at the expense of our free will… Congratulations, Marxism won, everything the founders achieved was pissed away now that the government can force you to purchase anything….. next on the agenda? forcing all Americans to purchase a Chevy Volt, and those who cannot get to pay a fine every year they do not buy one, just like the healthcare bill forces you to purchase insurance.

          • Obama is not a Marxist. Your statement proves my point.

            You clearly have no understanding of what a Marxist is. Obama has worked and done more for private businesses than any Presiden in recent memory. He hasn’t nationalized ANYTHING.

            Read a book at least before you address me.

          • paulejb says:


            “Obama is not a Marxist.”

            Maybe not, but he will serve until the real thing comes along.


          • Again, that’s not Marxism. I cannot debate the issue with you if you don’t understand the words you use.

          • paulejb says:


            “From each according to his ability to each according to his need.” Karl Marx

            What’s the diff?

          • That, in the context of Marixsm, means that all means of production are in the hands of the workers. Therefore, all people get everything they will ever need. An absence of private property and corporations.

            This is NOT, I repeat NOT, something Obama has ever subscribed to, supported, implied or initiated. A progressive tax is not Marxism or socialism. A public option is not Marxism or socialism.

            I don’t know how plainer I can say that.

          • paulejb says:


            No matter how you slice it, it’s still “spreading the wealth around.”

            There is no getting away from Obama’s Marxist sensibilities.

            As for: “A progressive tax is not Marxism or socialism.”

            “2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”

            It’s right out of the Communist Manifesto.


          • “spreading the wealth around” is not Marxist.

            Re: the progressive tax.

            The CM also lists “Free education for all children in public schools.” as part of the manifesto.

            But free public education is NOT Marxist. You understand? That’s a fallacy.

            Every poodle is a dog, but not every dog is a poodle.

          • paulejb says:

            Even Communists have come to realize that there ain’t no such thing as a “free” lunch.

          • Hank Reardon says:

            no no no… you misunderstand… I’m not hatefilled, foaming or bigoted… I am not Chris Mathews, Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, Laurence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, Bill Maher or any of the other screamers you usually associate with….

            I’m just a middle aged, middle class white guys who pays taxes, is tired of the way the Chicago Radical Elite are trying to “transform” the country, and is looking forward to this nightmare to end when Obama is voted out… just as tens and tens and tens of millions of other Americans are.

            Figure it out pal… America is a center right country, and you are waaaayyy offfff on the margins

          • If you think a President who has acted as a typical Liberal Democrat, of even more conservative, in his time in office is a “radical” then you are just parroting what you hear on TV and on the radio.

            Obama on a lot of issues is even more to the right of Clinton.

            The fact that you would include Michelle Obama in your list of entertainers shows how much Kool-Aid you have drank.

            America isn’t a center right country either. That’s a myth. America is a center-left. Has been for decades. Elections and policy have proven it over and over again.

          • Hank Reardon says:

            wrong, wrong and wrong again… but thanks for playing

          • Wow. I am blown away by that snappy comeback.

          • Hank Reardon says:

            As a Poli-Cultural Humorist, (WTF?), I thought sure you’d understand… it’s at least as snappy as “hatefilled, foaming and bigoted”

            And by the way, regarding your claim that “He hasn’t nationalized ANYTHING”… I guess you weren’t one of the GM bond holders that Barry stole from to pay off his thug friends in UAW..

            Please Vega… teach us…

          • That’s not nationalizing.

            If you fail to understand basic words, it’s going to be very hard for you to keep up.

            When people, maybe like yourself, call Obama “radical” or “Marxist”, it flies in the face of facts and history.

            Therefore, it can only be hate and bigotry that fuel it, unless you are saying these people are just very stupid.

            Take your pick.

          • Hank Reardon says:

            maybe you’re right… maybe it’s just naked theft after all…

            Hey Vega… youi are no ways as clever as you think you are. I know you enjoy the belittling, but you’re not even up to standard on that.

            A guy who wants to bankrupt coal mines, drive gas prices to european levels, is concerned that the Constitution does not address income redistribution and whines that it is a document that is just a charter of negative liberties ( is beyond radical…

            He’s dangerous, and he’s on his way out.

            You’ll cover all this next year when you’re introduced to poli-sci 102…

          • Nonsense. None of that is radical and some of it isn’t even true.

            I am decades out of college, dude. I have known this stuff for years.

            When you are ready to be mature and actually debate points, let me. Don’t think a YouTube video is a substitute for an argument. It’s not.

          • Hank Reardon says:

            well, actually, those are Obama’s own words, so it’s a pretty good source. All I can say is: you must have slipped a lot of classes..,.

          • And Poli-Cultural Humorist means just that.

            Don’t be mad because you have no culture, no sense of humor and no knowledge of politics. Not my fault.

      • Hank Reardon says:

        right… those in the know just think of him as a dangerous, unamerican radical…

      • Corey says:

        I call him a marxist and I can guarantee you my IQ is higher than yours.

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