Published On: Sun, Oct 23rd, 2011

A Tale of Two Mothers

The stories of two very different mothers were juxtaposed in the New York Post on Saturday, October 22. The story on page 5 concerns a Florida wife and mother of four who decided that it was a keen idea to abandon her family to travel to New York to hang out at Zuccotti Park. Stacey Hessler, 38, oddly enough is wed to a banker which makes it particularly fascinating that she is at the park protesting bankers. It is also interesting that she has taken up “sharing a tarp” with a waiter named Rami Shamir while away from her husband and family. Neither Hessler nor Shamir were willing to comment on the record.

Florida mom Stacey Hessler at OWS in New York

This all may seem very noble and self sacrificing to some, but when you contrast it with the Post story on page 6 the whole thing seems fairly sordid. That story tells the tale of a mother who was willing to make the supreme sacrifice to protect her child and the children of others. When shots rang out on the mean streets of Brownsville in Brooklyn, Zurana Horton, 34, mother of 13, interposed her body between the gunfire and her child and other children. This act of enormous courage contrasts sharply with the selfish act of a person willing to abandon her children to pursue a quixotic goal.

These two stories of two very different women  illustrate just how very unserious the whole Occupy Wall Street movement really is. We have one mother from what is certainly a fairly well to do background who decides to engage in a lark and camp out with a bunch of hippie wannabes who are bored with their dull existences. We have another type of mother entirely who, on a trip to pick up her child from school, finds herself and her child in deadly peril as shots ring out. That mother did not hesitate to place herself between the bullets and her child and the children of others. That action cost Zurana Horton  her life.

Zurana Horton was certainly part of the 99%, but she was not out protesting “the man.” She was merely picking up her child from school when the neighborhood turned into a war zone. We will never know for sure if police resources being wasted to control the mob at Zuccotti Park would have made any difference in Brownsville, Brooklyn on the day that Zaruna Horton gave up her life for others, but if you were ask the minority population of that neighborhood, they are certain to have an opinion on that very subject. What we do know for sure is that shootings are up over a year ago and “Four high-ranking cops point the finger at Occupy Wall Street protesters, saying their rallies pull special crime-fighting units away from the hot zones where they’re needed.”

The story of Zurana Horton will soon be forgotten as the main stream media continues to waste ink and broadcast time on the mobs which Occupy Inanity. Take a moment to think about Zaruna and the 12 children she left behind, as well as the one that predeceased her. Think about her sacrifice and the love which inspired it. We can get back to the narcissistic demonstrations in lower Manhattan and elsewhere soon enough.

Zurana Horton in life and in death

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  1. paulejb says:

    Perhaps the Occupy Wall Street movement does have a legitimate complaint. However, they should redirect their protests to the institutions that promised them that they would achieve gainful employment with their degrees in flower arranging and women’s studies. Instead many have useless degrees that wouldn’t get them employment at Godfather’s Pizza. Now they are living at home with their parents with no job and no prospects and tens of thousands of dollars in college loans to pay off. Can we really blame them for protesting?

  2. Amhcph1993 says:

    so true. very sad story and it made me so angry when i read this article.

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